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Accepted Papers

The Workshop on Requirements Engineering 2021 (WER 2021) is now in its twentieth-fourth edition. This series of workshops on the area started in 1998 as a meeting of the Ibero-American requirements engineering community. However, since then, it has attracted attention from researchers and practitioners from other parts of the world. The WER format promotes discussion and knowledge exchange between the academy and industry members. As in the last editions, this one will also feature invited lectures from well-known researchers and practitioners, and tutorials.

The requirements engineering works listed below were accepted for presentation at the WER2021 as part of the tracks:

The final versions of the submissions must be accompanied with a video of the presentation of the work.
All accepted papers will be published with Open Access through the WERpapers repository.

Author subscriptions
by July 10th

Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: April 9, 2021

  • Submission deadline: April 9, 2021

  • Notification: May 28, 2021

  • Final Version: June 18, 2021

For further questions, please contact contact @

Regular Track (WER-RT)
  • A Method to Evaluating Consistency, Completeness and Correctness in Evolution Requirements

Edneuci Denise Audacio, Katia Romero Felizardo, Luiz Gustavo Ferreira Aguiar, Rebeca Teodoro da Silva and Elias Canhadas Genvigir


  • Ontology Analysis for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Systems and Compliance support

Timoteo Silva and Fernanda Alencar

  • Applying Design Thinking Techniques to Specify Scenarios in Requirements Elicitation

Jose Carlos Duarte, Adriana Damian, Rafael Parizi, Sabrina Marczak and Tayana Conte

  • Security Assurance Cases Applied to Robotic Systems: Systematic Literature Review

Mozart Alves-Junior, Maria Lencastre, Lucas Florêncio de Brito and Jaelson Castro

  • Gender Diversity & Requirements Elicitation: Using Gendermag as a Usability Requirements Identification Strategy

Moises Barbosa, Isabelle Brilhante, Júlia Luiza Conceição, Artur Andrade, Genildo Gomes, Tayana Conte and Bruno Gadelha

  • Agile Requirements Engineering: Extending a Systematic Literature Review

Renato Menezes, Suzana Sampaio and Marcelo Marinho

  • LGPD-Compliant Privacy Requirements Specification: Results of a Case Study

Carina Alves and Moisés Neves

  • Identification and Measurement of Technical Debt Requirements: a survey in the software industry

Ana Carolina Candido de Melo, Roberta Andrade de A. Fagundes, José Vinícius Vieira Lima, Fernanda Alencar and Wylliams Barbosa Santos

  • Modeling Human Resource Profiles for Workgroup Alignment

Henrique Prado de Sá Sousa, Eduardo Kinder Almentero, Juliana Cesar Sirena Machado and Julio Cesar Sampaio Do Prado Leite

  • The Sponsor's Role in Supporting the Requirements Engineering Process in the Search for External Ideas in Open Innovation Projects

Fabrizio Farias, Kiev Gama and Hermano Moura

  • The Use of Lean Persona+ to Aid the Elaboration of UX Requirements

Gabriel Viana Teixeira, Angelica Cunha dos Santos, Tayana Conte and Luciana Zaina

  • Requirements Engineering for Embedded Systems: A Systematic Literature Review

Tarcísio Pereira, Quelita Ribeiro, Mozart Alves-Junior, Sthefanie Magro, Fernanda Alencar and Jaelson Castro

  • Requirements Smells as a Quality Indicator for User Stories: A Theoretical Analysis

Eltoni Guimarães, Rafael Nascimento and Marcia Lucena

  • Label me! A Requirements Engineering Experience for a Labeling System

Letícia Passos, Lucas Viana, Edson César Oliveira and Tayana Conte

  • RST-OT: A Computational Support for IoT Software System Requirements Specification

Ednilson Júnior, Daniella Costa, Rebeca Motta and Bruno Souza

  • Specification Cases a Lightweight Approach Based on Natural Language

Leandro Antonelli, Julio Cesar Leite, Alejandro Oliveros and Gustavo Rossi

  • The Philosophy Behind IRES, an Intentional Requirements Engineering Strategy

A Padua A Oliveira, Vera Maria Benjamim Werneck, Luiz Marcio Cysneiros and Julio Cesar Leite

  • Thinking about gender: Combining Design Thinking and GenderMag in Eliciting Requirements for UX Assessment Support Software

Elizamara Nascimento, Vinícius Monteiro, Franciane Almeida, Brenda Aguiar, Leonardo Marques, Bruno Gadelha and Tayana Conte

  • A Method for Modeling Non-Functional Requirements in Ambient Assisted Living

Maurício Manoel Coelho Júnior, Willy Silva Coutinho, Robson Lima de Alencar and Fernanda Alencar

  • User Requirements for Game Software Success: An Empirical Investigation

Saiqa Aleem, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Faheem Ahmed and Shuib Basri ​​​​​​​​​​

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Tutorial Track (WER-TT)

  • Analysis of Business Processes Compliance with LGPD

Mariana Peixoto, Diogo Santos, Eric Araújo, Jéssyka Vilela and Carla Silva

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Master's and Doctoral Track (WER-MDT)

  • Análise de Requisitos Não-Funcionais nos Processos de Migração para Microsserviços

Marcio Veronez and Ivonei Freitas da Silva

  • Auxiliando Professores de Engenharia de Requisitos a Identificar Jogos como Recursos Pedagógicos

Caio Steglich and Sabrina Marczak

  • Mantendo a consistência na coevolução de modelos iStar, BPMN e Casos de Uso na Engenharia de Requisitos

Diogo Do Nascimento Paza and Victor Santander

  • Padrões de Requisitos para Sistemas de Registro Eletrônico de Saúde

Mariana Martins, Taciana Kudo and Renato Bulcão-Neto

  • Processo de Especificação de Banco de Dados em Sistemas Críticos

Sarasuaty Yelisetty, Johnny Marques and Luiz Dias

  • Requisitos de Confiança para Robôs Socialmente Assistivos

Larissa Rodrigues da Costa and Jaelson Castro

Software Requirements Tools Track (WER-SRTT)

  • CSC - Um Sistema de Controle de Cenários de Conflito

Marcos Paiva, Maria Lencastre and Aline Barbosa

  • Helius: On a Recommendation System of Design Thinking Techniques for Software Development based on Professionals' Collaboration

Rafael Parizi, Igor Couto, Lucas Hanauer, Sabrina Marczak and Tayana Conte

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